Ayutthaya Rose To Prominence As The New Capital In The 14th Century, And Was Considered A Powerhouse Of South-east Asia As One Of The Most Important Centres Of Trade In The World.

We highlight some of our favourite beaches and properties, all of which can be incorporated into a tailor-made itinerary, offering an idyllic end to your journey in south-east Asia. For a super fresh thirst-quencher, try coconut milk straight from the husk Fruit shakes and fresh fruit juices are widely available from markets and restaurants - make the most of all the tropical fruits of Thailand. Despite this, the ruins of the city are still standing, have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site and are a great day trip from Bangkok. The current city intertwines itself with the remnants of what was once one of Asia's great capitals. If you ever wondered what was below Thailand's turquoise waters, this is the place to look. Shark Island is close by for adrenaline seekers. Nowhere does the natural beauty of Thailand shine through more than in the national parks dotted around the country. Ayutthaya rose to prominence as the new capital in the 14th century, and was considered a powerhouse of South-East Asia as one of the most important centres of trade in the world. Surround yourself with stunning scenery, fascinating history, mouthwatering food, beaches, mountains, cities, villages, and – most importantly – the amazing people who will help you appreciate it.

Thonburi was established as the capital of Siam by General Taksin in the late 18th century, yet this didn't last long with Taksim being deposed and executed not long after. This is Thailand's hub of business, economic and political affairs, but a boat ride on the city's “longs,” or canals, give you a glimpse into the everyday life of the Thai people, as you pass by family homes and temples. 'Saving face' is also an important part of being Thai, and this involves remaining calm, not losing your temper and avoiding confrontation in general. The opium may have gone but the colour hasn't and the markets offer all sorts of amazing local handicrafts. Enduring all this, the much-loved King Roma IX has reigned as the Head of State since 1946 - claiming the title of the longest reigning monarch in the world and providing Thai people with a stable figure to rely upon. Thailand's top beaches and resorts It's hard to imagine a more family-friendly destination than Thailand. The TripAdvisor website may not display properly. In the northern part of Thailand, Chiang Mae has a rich agricultural heritage. marvellous, mystical Thailand beckons international visitors with the opportunity to see grand palaces, ride an elephant and experience the warmth and joy of the Thai people. Water is symbolically meant to purify and cleanse but with April being one of Thailand's hottest months, it also brings sweet relief from the heat.