Phang Nga James Bond And Gypsies Phang Nga Though Most People Reach Phang Nga Bay From Phuket, There Are Also Many Tours Running From Krabi.

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Get there: Ferries go between the island and Krabi, Ao Nang, Railay and Koh Lanta several times a day with service being reduced in the low season. The ride between Krabi and Koh Phi Phi takes about 90 minutes. Koh Lanta Family Friendly R & R Family friendly Koh Lanta. Photo courtesy of Y-Not ? via Flickr. The Koh Lanta archipelago consists of more than 50 islands, with Koh Lanta Yai (Big Lanta Island) as the largest. The entire archipelago is protected by the Koh Lanta Marine National Park and many of the islands are still uninhabited. Considerably flatter than the surrounding islands, Koh Lanta Yai is perfect for renting a motorbike to explore the quiet landscape. Calmer and more conservative (many of the islands residents are Muslim), than the surrounding hotspots, come here if you want to get away from the crowds. The island is starting to make a name for itself as an alternative to the larger islands of Phi Phi or Phuket (clear, calm waters and a limited party scene make it a draw for families), and offers a range of accommodation options, from budget bungalows to 5-star resorts along with plenty of activities from solid scuba diving, to elephant rides and boat tours. Head to the south side of the island for extra secluded, nearly deserted, beaches and your own little slice of paradise. Get there: Passenger boats run between Krabis Khlong Chilat Pier and Koh Lanta a couple of times a day and take 90 minutes. There are also private tour companies running boats or bus and ferry transfer options from Koh Phi Phi, Phuket and Trang. Transportation times vary and can become limited during the low season due to fewer passengers. Phang Nga James Bond and gypsies Phang Nga Though most people reach Phang Nga Bay from Phuket, there are also many tours running from Krabi. The area is part of the Ao Phang Nga National Park, which encompasses more than 40 islands and countless dramatic limestone cliffs shooting out of the clear, green waters. Popular tours usually include stops at Khao Phing Kan, the island seen in the James Bond movie, Man with the Golden Gun , and Koh Panyi, a small island home to Muslim fishermen. There is some accommodation, but many people choose to visit these spots through day tours from Krabi , Phuket or Phang Nga town. Get there: Look into tours running from Krabi or directly to the Krabi bus terminal (about 4km from Krabi Town) and take a government bus to Phang Nga. From there youll find a variety of boat tours. Tips for the Thai Islands Koh means island and hat means beach. Youll often see variations of spellings including, ko, hat and haad.

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